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  • It's for the children,

    the children are the truth!


    When one finds and knows what their passion is in life, they will have early access to the fast lane in being a success and helping humanity and mankind. Knowing their passion prompts people to not pick a job that is unfulfilling.

    As the saying goes: "The more you love what you do, the less work it seems to be, and the more productive you are." If you find that job which you would and could do without receiving a paycheck for your services, and you think it, sleep it, live it and breathe it, that's when you know you have found your passion. If we all knew and could exist in our passions of choice, we could then call the world an Utopian Society!


    Our core values are as important to a person as they integrity of that person. An individual who can define and understand their values will be able to better focus their time and energy on perfecting those values. In doing so, they will become extremely efficient in whatever it is (activities in life) that they have decided to devote their live(s) to.


    This quality is as big and important as the others. It is innate -- something that we all have. To tap into it, one must try many things and be exposed to many things as well. Once that talent is discovered, the individual should pursue as many activities in that arena as they can, at whatever age they can. Continued practice will sharpen ones talent and place them in demand for their skills.

    Once discovered, one will know if it's passion that is motivating them to share this talent, thus allowing others to experience their gift. The one sharing their talent will experience self-gratification, confidence and a life experience that only comes with the emotion felt through the passion.


    Once a person has experienced the previous qualities mentioned, hopefully they will realize that these series of events have brought them to "the purpose of their life" (their destiny)! It is our hope that they will follow their passion, stay true to their values, and continue to share their talent.

    Once one realizes their destiny, it is our hope that they will strive to make it their prime goal in life!

  • Only 53% of African / Mexican / Latino Americans who to 4-year colleges in the State of California, graduate. We must do a better job of helping our children achieve the goals they set in their lives to graduate from college!! We need your help to put the solutions to work to help these children improve this college graduation statistic.

  • Less than 0.005 percent of the well paying professional high technology jobs in the fields of Biotechnology and Computer Science go to the African / Mexican / Latino because they are not trained or prepared for such jobs until after they enter college. Other ethnicities are exposed to this training as far back as elementary school. We can help to bridge the gap to make sure that all children get the necessary training as early as possible during their elementary school years. Some training and services are in place now, but more needs to be done!

  • Diversity among the top Fortune 500 Companies is unfortunately meager to non-existent because the minorities within the African / Mexican / Latino American groups do not have access to programs that teach them the skill sets that are (and will continue to be) in high demand viable employment. We can change this and provide qualified workers in those industries which are ready, willing and trained right here in America to take on those thousands of job positions being posted by Fortune 500 American Companies in the high tech industries, who currently have to look outside the U.S. to find good talent. The talent from other Nations are better suited for getting employment in the U.S.



    Bonaro W. Overstreet: Author, Poet, Psychologist


    "Feast of Perpetua, Felicity & their Companions, Martyrs at Carthage, AD 203." We may look into a church (almost any church) and discover someone who, though he is offered a gospel of love, must subtly convert it into a gospel of hate before he can receive it. The gospel of love -- with its emphasis upon brotherhood, equality before God, the dignity of every human being, and man's social responsibility toward man -- does not satisfy the lack that he urgently feels. That calls for something altogether different, for an assurance that he is superior, that he is right where others are wrong -- a kind of cosmic 'teacher's pet.'

    Bonaro W. Overstreet: Author, Poet, Psychologist....


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