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  • Annetta Graden

    Annetta Graden has worked in the community for many years as a volunteer. Currently volunteers for the American Cancer Society at various hospitals in the East Bay. She has a A.S. degree and California State license as a cosmetologist. Teaches cancer clients how to look and feel better.

    Volunteered at Glad Tidings Church of God In Christ Hayward California ......

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  • Christopher L. Box Sr.

    Chris has always had an interest in electronics. His father was in the US Navy, and was an instructor, teaching electronics, and radar maintenance. Growing up around this, Chris was always taking radios, tv's, and other electronics devices apart and putting them back together. He decided to start work the telecommunications interconnect industry from small regional businesses, to world wide cor......

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  • Evelyn M. Williams

    I was born in Vallejo, and have lived in the community for most of my life. I completed my bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education, and graduated Cum Laude in June, 2009. Nearly 4 years ago I was given a wonderful opportunity to do important work in the very community in which I was raised and am very familiar, as a Community Health Educator II (CHE) for La......

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  • Roy W Williams II

    I have been working in the California Department of Corrections for the past 20 years. For most of my tenure I have been assigned to the California Medical Facility. As a Correctional Officer, I have had the occasion to interact with, oversee and provide services for many sons, brothers, fathers and grandfathers (and yes… even great-grandfathers), whose choices in life have taken them on......

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  • Zachary Smith

    I have worked in many of the associated industries, in and around the people, equipment and ever changing technology that drives the industry and the economics of today and tomorrow.

    As a Designer, Mechanical Engineer, Buyer and Artist, I’ve found that they all require good and consistent communication and resources to be the keys to success. While we have said and heard so......

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