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Ethan Berry, Inc. News
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Our media department is happy to help journalists who are looking for commentators on any of the areas of work that Ethan is currently involved in.

More Brilliant books needed for dads away from their children

Ethan is interested in providing books that help fathers and mothers with being a parent while away from their child or children. Many times the father is portrayed as not caring about his child(ren) in our society. The truth is fathers love their child(ren) just as much as the mothers do and sometimes more. Mothers who are away from their child(ren) have a difficult time adjusting as well. The overwhelming truth is as much as the parents suffer, the child(ren) of the away parent suffer the most. Even if they have the best life style, nothing replaces their father and their mother. If you have a good book on how fathers and mothers can deal with being seperated from their child(ren) please share it with us by sending the Title of the book, Author of the book and ISBN number of the book (if possible) and we will post it on the web site so others can know about it. You can send the information to via the email address:

Ethan is also interested in books for kids which can help children who cannot or do not see their parent(s), for whatever reason, understand the love their parent(s) has for them. Just because a child does not have his/her parent(s) in their life, through no fault of their own, does not mean they are loved any less. Some how children get the idea they are loved less because one or both of their parents are not in their lives, either through the death of a parent(s) or seperation from parents through the court system. Parents need to know they must do all they can to give their kids all of the love they deserve, sharing a book with a child(ren) which deals with the issues of missing a parent(s) can help them have a more fulfilled life. After all, every child wants to know both parents love and cherish them.

If you have any books that would help a child better understand his/her parental situation, please share it with us at Ethan and we will share it with the world. You can send the Title of the book, the Author of the book and the ISBN number of the book (if possible) and we will post it on the website. You can send the information to Ethan via the email address:

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